Symposium on
Asian HCI Research

Why Attend Symposium?


Asian HCI research is a one-day symposium, which we proposes to bring together 10 leading researchers from Asia to come together to share their work and to discuss collaboration opportunities.

A special session would be organized to explore and brainstorm about joint work and possibilities of collaboration. There are several outstanding universities and industrial labs in Asia where HCI research takes place. 

Many universities from Asia are often involved in exchange of visits with universities in Europe and North America. Many students from Asia travel to do their masters and doctoral research in Europe and North America. Unfortunately, there has been relatively less research visits and student exchange within Asia. One of the main difficulties for such people is to connect with like-minded people in order to start or augment their research interests. People wait for events to be organized in their countries to build network with people to take their research interest ahead. 

There are challenges in having access to laboratory set-up as well. This symposium will help people connect with researchers for funding, research opportunities and collaborations. The symposium is likely to attract participants including current and prospective students, researchers and industry professionals.  

Who ?

A one-day symposium is being organized to celebrate the diversity of Asian HCI research. The organizers propose to invite about 10 of the following researchers to present their work. As many of these researchers come from developing countries, the organizers are looking for funding opportunities of partly supporting the travel costs of some of these researchers: 

  • Yoshifumi Kitamura, Japan
  • Minghui Sun, China
  • Eunice Sari, SEA
  • Jinwoo Kim, Korea
  • Simon Perrault, Singapore
  • Kaveh Bazargan, Iran
  • Chui Yin Wong, Malaysia
  • Nova Ahmed, Bangladesh
  • Ebtisam Alabdulqader, Saudi
  • Thippaya Chintakovid, Thailand


The probable topics of activities/events for this symposium would be: 

1. Presentation by Asian researchers
2. Current trends 

3. Upcoming research areas 

4. Challenges in research and how to overcome them 

5. Possible areas of collaboration 

6. Possible funding and research opportunities 

7. Student / researcher /faculty exchange programmes

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